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2021 Winter Break Practice Schedule

12/20 - 12/23 10:00 AM

12/27 - 12/30 10:00 AM

Meet at track on all days unless weather is bad, then we will meet at gym entrance.

Winter workout if not attending practice. All alternate workouts are for athletes that will not have access to a track try to run on grass when possible if not on track.


Sprint Work Out:

3x30s or 3x 6 second sprints 1 min rest in between, 3x60s or 3 x 8 sec sprints w/ 3 mins rest, 3x150s or 3x20 sec Sprints w/5 min rest. 10 min recovery 1x300 B<42s G<46 or 1x50 sec sprint


12 broken 300s (150+150)@85% 1min rest/ 4 mins rest between sets or 12 x 20s & 20s sec sprints with 4 Mins rest.

@ B<20s G< 25



6xBroken 400s (3&1) 300 flat rest for 45secs.100 up Hill or incline w/ 6 mins rest between sets.


1000 B @ 20secs pace per 100s; G @ 24 secs per 100 , 800 B@ 36secs per 200m G@ 40secs per 200m, 600 B<1:55/, 600, 800, 1000 5 mins rest



Hurdle Mobility, 2x4-100M straight leg bounds (count bounds, try to improve each rep),

Plyometrics 2x15 Tuck Jumps, Single leg hops, rocket jumps, frog jumps; LLRR @30M, Bounds @30M

Distance: 35 Min Run Last 2 mins 800M pace. 8x150s



6x 200m step downs (200-200-200) (70%,80%,90%) 1min rest/ 90 secs rest 5 mins between reps


6x Broken 1000s (200m@70%-200m@70%-200m@80%-200m@80%-200m@85-90%)


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