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Parent Participation

Parents, we need your help to make this season a success!  There are several opportunities for you to choose from:


Please consider becoming a Board Member or a Committee Member.
** We need to fill these vital OPEN positions ASAP! **


Board Members:  

  • President
        Establishes the vision of the program determining what needs to be done to achieve program goals.

  • Vice President
        Assists the President with implementation of program goals.

  • Treasurer Apprentice
        Will work along side the Treasurer


Committee Members:  

  • Banquet Coordinator  
        We need several people to work on our year end banquet.

  • Photographer(s)
        Sets up and maintains a photo gallery.

  • Fundraising
        Works with fundraising Board Member.

  • Budget
        Works with Board Members to establish the budget for upcoming seasons


** If you are interested in learning more about these open positions  please contact **

Coach Merine or Coach Stevenson or Mrs. Harmon

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