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REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BRING WARM CLOTHES FOR BEFORE & AFTER WORKOUT. Here's a cheat sheet to help you dress right for your runs, no matter the weather. This chart factors in the 10-Degree Rule (when you're exercising you feel like it's ten degrees warmer) but doesn't account for lots of wind. On those days, dress warmer. Or:


above 70   Lightweight & light colored singlet & shorts

60-69        Tank top or singlet and shorts

50-59        T-shirt and shorts

40-49        Long sleeve-shirt, tights or shorts, gloves? Hat?

30-39        Long-sleeve shirt and tights, gloves & hat?

20-29        2 upper-body & 1 lower-body layer, gloves & hat

10-19        2 upper-body & 1 lower-body layer, gloves & hat

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