INSTRUCTIONS: Goal is all ✔'s.      GOOD =  ✔      BAD= X's, Not Approved, Red or Yellow sections, or  Pending?

Scroll down to find your name. If anything is Incomplete or has an X (missing documentation or missing payment of fees), you need to fix it now. It's important that you fill out the Athlete Info Form for this track season. Filling it out in the fall for Fall Season Training does not list you as an athlete on the team for 2019 Track Season. 

Go to 2019 Registration to complete athlete info, clear Arbiter athlete, make payments, and order your Player Pack (you must order sizes AND pay for items).  Email to let the website volunteer know you have made changes in Arbiter, so it can be updated. Any other questions, feel free to email! Thanks.

If you are in need of a scholarship for fees, please talk to any coach privately ASAP.

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