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** Spirit Ware Order Update 2/4/16** 


As you may be aware, some of the required spirit wear items are out of stock.


  • If the sizes you need are available, place your order now (instructions below)


  • Check the current orders on the out-of-stock form, click:

    • The form is read only. If you need to make updates, just
      click the red button below and create a new entry. Please enter ALL of you information again. We will use the NEWEST entry


  • If you are not on the current list and your size is out of stock, please click:
    and fill out the form so we can get a count of what is needed.


We appreciate your patience while we work this glitch out with the vendor. 

Order deadline is Friday, February 5th.

Welcome to the Team Store!  Below are the items that have been chosen as your team spirit wear / competition attire.  You will be expected to wear your team apparel to each meet.


*Please note that the colors are different for the boys (black/red) and girls (grey)*


**Order Deadline Friday, February 5th**

Required Items:


  • Black Sweat Shirt

  • Black Sweat Pants

  • Black Running Tights

  • Running Shorts

    • Sprinters order compression shorts

    • Distance order distance shorts

  • Red Dri-fit T-Shirt


  • Grey Sweat Shirt

  • Grey Sweat Pants

  • Grey Running Tights

  • Running Shorts

    • Sprinters order the red compression shorts

    • Distance order the black distance shorts

  • Grey Dri-fit T-Shirt

Optional Items:

  • Bag

Click the Team Store button to order your items

** Enter Team Code: OFTSALP5 **

** Mac computers using Safari may have ordering
. If this happens, please try a different
    browser or computer.

** If you have questions, please contact Coach Merine


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