2020 Team Spirit Wear

The following items are your team spirit wear and are included in your player pack fee: t-shirt, race shorts, warm up top, warm up pant. We are also offering a optional bag. Note that you will not purchase a racing singlet. It will be provided to you on loan and will be distributed prior to each meet.


Order your spirit wear here ==> 


After completing the form, please refresh your browser and verify/confirm that the correct sizes have been recorded in the spreadsheet below. If you make a mistake, simply reenter your order and you may email Mrs. Foster with the correct size. We will use the most current entry in the spreadsheet.


Pay for your spirit wear here ==>    

Team Warm Up brand will be Nike


If you have questions regarding which items to order, or your payment options, please contact Coach Mercer at MercerJ@fultonschools.org 

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