Johns Creek JV Meet 3.20.19 Recap

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Congratulations to our JV Track Team who competed in the Johns Creek meet on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. The Top 8 Results are in..... 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Finishers for the Boys

100m 2nd- Jaden Slocum

100m 3rd Marcus McFarlane

200m 1st- Robbie Ruppel

200m 3rd- Dylan Merrell

800m 1st- Matthew Ashe

800m 2nd- Blake Williams

1600m 1st- Grady Etheridge

1600m 2nd- Jason Song

110mh 1st- Christopher McFerrin

110mh 2nd- Joshua Flynn

4x100m Relays- 1st 'A', 2nd 'D', 3rd 'B'

Shot Put 1st- Kamau Williams

Shot Put 2nd- Eric Evonsion

Long Jump & Triple Jump 1st- Mark Morozov

Excellent performances rounding out the TOP 8

Dane Motley - 100m 4th

Austin Joyner - 200m 4th

Marcus McFarlane - 200m 6th

Kylen Crosby - 200m 7th

Blake Williams - 400m 8th

Grady Etheridge - 800m 4th

Jason Song - 800m 5th

Timothy Green - 800m 6th & 1600m 8th

Nate Jarrow - 800m 8th & 1600m 4th

Kevin Johnson - 1600m 5th

Kiran Kashyup - 110mh 5th & 300mh 4th

Marcello Phillips -300mh 5th

4x100m Relay Team - ' C ' 5th

Juan Higuera - Long Jump 4th

Eric Evonsion - Discus 4th

Kamau Williams - Discus 5th

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Finishers for the GIRLS

200m 2nd - Gabrielle Cross

400m 2nd - Maureen Renken

800m 2nd - Sara Gotwalt

800m 3rd - Reed Racine

1600m 1st - Bryndi MacDonald

100mh 2nd - Elize Chappuy-Anderson

Excellent performances rounding out the TOP 8

Maleise Condie - 200m 8th

Hailey Hubbard - 400m 4th

Autumn Starbird - 400m 5th

Katherine Bilian - 400m 7th

Bryndi MacDonald - 800m 5th

Emily Cummings - 1600m 5th

Maddie Prol - 1600m 7th

Elize Chappuy-Anderson - 300mh 7th

Jayda Barrow - Shot Put 5th & Discus​ 7th

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Go Raiders!!

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