JV Meet @ Centennial High School Wednesday, February 27, 2019

On Wednesday our JV track team will compete at Centennial High School.

Centennial High School

9310 Scott Rd

Roswell, GA 30076

Click here for meet entries Or view below.

HS Boys 100 Meter Dash: 13 Entries Kylen Crosby 12.80 Alex Fortney 13.95 Cameron Foster 12.50 Will Gerdes 13.50h Nicholas Haven 12.88 Jordan Leslie 11.96 Marcus McFarlane 12.25 Antonio Raimondo 14.20h Diego Ramirez 15.00h John Ramos 14.00h Whitman Sperry 12.60h Jias Vidal 15.00h Fred ivey 13.00h HS Boys 200 Meter Dash: 12 Entries Kylen Crosby 25.05 Alex Fortney 28.00h Cameron Foster 25.37 Nicholas Haven 26.17 Juan Higuera 27.39 Sahith Kanaharala 36.00 Jordan Leslie 26.46 Marcus McFarlane 25.60h Justin Mills 34.00 Antonio Raimondo 27.50h Diego Ramirez 29.00h Jias Vidal 28.00h HS Boys 400 Meter Dash: 11 Entries Luke Douglas 1:05.00 Jarren Flynn 1:00.00 William Jesser 1:00.00h Jared Johnson 1:04.00h Sahith Kanaharala 1:08.00 Justin Mills 1:05.00 Jordan Pinkney 57.00 Avery Piquant 1:04.00h Jacob Shin 1:01.00 Blake Williams 58.00 Fred ivey 59.00h HS Boys 800 Meter Run: 12 Entries Luke Douglas 2:44.00 Jarren Flynn 2:28.00 Timothy Green 2:23.62 William Jesser 2:30.00 Jared Johnson 2:37.00 Jordan Pinkney 2:30.00 Avery Piquant 2:36.00 Scott Rager 2:22.32 Jack Roach 2:45.00h Gandharv Sharma 2:45.00h Jacob Shin 2:30.00h Fred ivey 2:30.00 HS Boys 1600 Meter Run: 6 Entries Timothy Green 5:24.21 Kevin Johnson 5:22.79 Scott Rager 5:44.92 Jack Roach 6:15.00h Gandharv Sharma 6:20.00h Jacob Shin 6:00.00h HS Boys 3200 Meter Run: 0 Entries HS Boys 110 Meter Hurdles: 0 Entries HS Boys 300 Meter Hurdles: 2 Entries Kiran Kashyup 53.57 Marcello Phillips 55.00 HS Boys 4x100 Meter Relay: 2 Entries Nicholas Haven Cameron Foster Kylen Crosby Marcus McFarlane Fred ivey Marcello Phillips Jordan Pinkney Nathan Johnson HS Boys 4x400 Meter Relay: 3 Entries Kylen Crosby Cameron Foster Nicholas Haven Jordan Pinkney Jarren Flynn Fred ivey Jacob Shin Blake Williams Jared Johnson William Jesser Avery Piquant John Ramos HS Boys 4x800 Meter Relay: 0 Entries HS Boys High Jump: 1 Entry Juan Higuera 4-6 HS Boys Long Jump: 1 Entry Juan Higuera 14-4 HS Boys Triple Jump: 0 Entries HS Boys Pole Vault: 0 Entries HS Boys Discus: 6 Entries Eric Evonsion 105-11 Dennis Green 73-0 Branden Pippen 97-10 Avery Piquant 55-0 Jacob Shin 70-0 Kamau Williams 98-9.5 HS Boys Shot Put: 4 Entries Eric Evonsion 36-7.25 Dennis Green 30-0 Branden Pippen 34-7.5 Kamau Williams 35-9 HS Girls 100 Meter Dash: 5 Entries Elize Chappuy-Anderson 16.00h Maleise Condie 14.80h Madyson Lewchanin 15.60h Sophia Reed 15.40h Manavvi Voleti 16.20h HS Girls 200 Meter Dash: 10 Entries Katherine Balian 37.00 Elize Chappuy-Anderson 34.00h Maleise Condie 32.00h Mary-Grace Durham 35.00 Hailey Hubbard 33.32 Madyson Lewchanin 33.00h Violet Newhart 37.00h Sophia Reed 31.00h Autumn Starbird 35.00 Manavvi Voleti 34.00h HS Girls 400 Meter Dash: 6 Entries Katherine Balian 1:30.00h Elize Chappuy-Anderson 1:20.98 Mary-Grace Durham 1:25.00 Violet Newhart 1:25.00 Emma Palmer 1:08.00h Autumn Starbird 1:19.47 HS Girls 800 Meter Run: 4 Entries Emily Cummings 3:00.00h Grace Fenwick 3:03.00h Emma Freeman 2:49.29 Maddie Prol 3:05.00h HS Girls 1600 Meter Run: 3 Entries Emily Cummings 6:36.20 Grace Fenwick 6:45.00h Maddie Prol 6:55.00h HS Girls 3200 Meter Run: 0 Entries HS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles: 0 Entries HS Girls 300 Meter Hurdles: 0 Entries HS Girls 4x100 Meter Relay: 1 Entry Manavvi Voleti Madyson Lewchanin Sophia Reed Maleise Condie HS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay: 1 Entry Emma Palmer Sophia Reed Maleise Condie Manavvi Voleti HS Girls 4x800 Meter Relay: 0 Entries HS Girls High Jump: 0 Entries HS Girls Long Jump: 0 Entries HS Girls Triple Jump: 0 Entries HS Girls Pole Vault: 0 Entries HS Girls Discus: 2 Entries Jayda Barrow 55-0 Monet Joseph 45-0 HS Girls Shot Put: 2 Entries Jayda Barrow 20-0 Monet Joseph 18-0

Meet Results Click Here GO RAIDERS!!

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