Fulton County JV Regionals Recap

Our JV Raider Track Team competed in the JV Fulton County Regionals at Centennial High School on March 28th.

The Lady Raiders took 5th place, while the Men Raiders took 4th place. Exciting results for our developing athletes!

Placing 1st for the Raiders were:

Boys 4x400 Team A: Lemar Knox, Brandon Wright, Cameron Foster, & Jayson Gilliom

Boys 800 Meter: Matthew Ashe

Boys 400 Meter: Evan Vivio

Girls 1600 Meter: Reed Racine


Top performers for our Girls Team were:

4x400 A Team, 5th place: Maureen Renken, Reed Racine, Brooke Witte, Madison Tigert

1600 Meter, 5th place: Daley O'Brien

400 Meter, 3rd place: Madison Tigert

Also performing well in the girls team were: Amina Eldashoury, Bryndi Macdonald, & Maureen Renken.


Top performers for our Boys Team:

4x800 Team A, 4th place: Eric Akpan, Timothy Green, Kevin Johnson, and Boston Jones

4x100 Team B, 3rd place: Lemar Knox, Jordan Leslie, Cameron Foster, and Nicholas Haven

300 Meter Hurdles: CJ McFerrin

3200 Meter, 2nd place: Will Ashe

3200 Meter, 3rd place: Abayomi Woolheater

3200 Meter, 5th place: Curtis McClelland

1600 Meter, 3rd place, Nate Jarrow

100 meter, 5th place: Leslie Jordan

Also performing well for the boys: Julian Joseph, Brandon Wright, Kylen Crosby, Joseph Aybar, Jayson Gilliom, Jackson Frizzell, Varun Kasibhatla, Matthew Ashe, Nicholas Haven, Grady Etheridge, & Leslie Jordan.

Way to go Raiders!

Got photos? Please share! leeshajones.rs@gmail.com

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