Quirky Technicalities

Parents & Athletes,

Just want to give you a few helpful hints to make your AHS Track & Field information experience a positive one.

1) The Track & Field website will not auto-refresh if you have the website open in your browser while we are doing updates. Of course you will not know when we are making updates, so to ensure that you always receive the most up to date information, hit the refresh button when you look at the Track & Field website.

2) All athletes who have registered for the team and have provided email addresses as requested, have been rolled up to our email system. Every athlete and their parent/guardian should be receiving team emails. If you are NOT receiving team emails, try this:

- click the Join our Email List button on the front of the website, and fill out the form

- check your Spam folder (or other folders) to see if the team emails are going somewhere besides your inbox.

- Add Team@AHSTrackAndField.org to your email address book.

If after trying the 3 steps above, you are still not receiving team emails, please let us know.

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