Are You Good to Go?

EVERYONE: Please make sure that you are good to go and check your Registration Status via the link. Please be respectful of your coaches & teammates and complete your registration today. You may think you are done, but please, check anyway. If there is a hyper link in a column next to your name, you need to take action unless you are currently working through it with Coach Gray.

Many PrivIT accounts need some minor updating.

  1. If you see a PrivIT hyperlink in the PrivIT column by your name, LOG IN TO PRIVIT and update what needs updating - what is missing will show when you log in. (need new signatures, etc.)

  2. If you log in to PrivIT and nothing appears to need updating - make sure you have joined the Track & Field team.

  3. PLEASE - *DO NOT CONTACT THE ATHLETIC DEPT* asking why your account is not cleared or how long it will take to get it cleared.

  4. Privit does not have automatic notification you MUST, email Coach Gray when you are ready to be cleared and she will send your name on... otherwise no one knows you have done any updating.

  5. Privit is not an automated approval system. Each student account must be manually checked (all documents) before manually signing off and clearing the students. The athletic department is working diligently to clear athletes from ALL SPRING SPORTS.

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